Friday, February 6, 2015

3 Ingredients to Avoid in Your Salon


By now, this one should be a no-brainer. Sadly there are many salons still out their using keratin products containing dangerous amounts of formaldehyde. Even worse, many salon brands claim to be formaldehyde free by re-formulating their keratin so that the formaldehyde is not released until you begin to blow dry and flat-iron the hair, you know, the point where you're breathing in all the fumes. It may not seem harmful now, but Formaldehyde fumes over time cause breathing problems and can even lead to the C word. Keep it classy at your salon and smooth out your client's frizz with a Olez Advanced Keratin Smoothing System. 

Sulfates (Sodium Laureth)

Sodium Laureth or sulfates is a common lathering additive used in most shampoos. While sometimes a treatment may require a harsher shampoo to open the hair up and prepare it for absorption, a cleansing shampoo should never have sulfates. Sulfates dry and damage the hair and also strip the client's color right out of the cuticle. Stylists who want their clients to have healthy hair and lasting color should boot these shampoos right out of their salons immediately. 


Parabens are a preservative commonly used in cosmetics products. It has taken a lot of heat lately, mainly because it mimics estrogen in the body, which can interrupt the endocrine system. There have been other studies linking it to certain cancers. Obviously you don't want to be doing your self or your client any harm for the sake of a cheap, and easy to replace preservative. Make a switch to a paraben free hair care line for your salon.

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Monday, January 19, 2015

How to Treat Your New Mommy Client's Hair: Postnatal Salon Hair Tips

It's a fact that during pregnancy elevated estrogen levels cause thicker, longer and overall more voluminous hair. Afterwards is a down-hill slope as hormone levels adjust, causing sometimes massive clumps off hair loss. It can be pretty depressing and taxing on a new mom's self esteem, especially moms who are anxious to look their best. So stylists, it goes without saying that If you can make you client's hair look amazing after giving birth, you have definitely earned their life-long loyalty. Here are 3 easy tips for making your new mommy clients' look and feel amazing, even with the postpartum hair loss.

Tip 1: Address the Texture

Sure, a lot of dry shampoos and mousses will give your client the illusion of fuller hair for a day, but that doesn't really do much address the thin and sometimes wiry hair texture that replaces your client's previously glossy and luxurious mane. Pamper you new mom's hair with a restorative treatment that will give their existing hair a boost of nutrients and shine. Essence of Youth is a restorative salon treatment that repairs and nourishes as well as boosts hair volume. It works by fattening the hair strand with protein & collagen fillers, much like a collagen filler for your face, it gets rid of any imperfections on the hair surface and makes the hair full and voluminous.

Tip 2: Make a Big Chop

Since new mommy hair is shedding fast and regrowing, short hair is really the best option, especially for those fly-aways. Calmly encourage your client to trade in her long hair for a trendy yet chic short hair cut. What a perfect time help them reclaim their identity with a cool pixie cut you know they always wanted to try but thought it was too trendy for them.  The right hair cut will mask all their postnatal hair loss issues and get people talking about how great they look. It may even steal some attention away from the new adorable baby.

Tip 3: Experiment With Color

Your health conscious mommy client has probably spent the last 9 months avoiding retouching her roots. Now her hair is shedding and her color looks strangely similar to those sedimentary rocks you see on Arizona postcards. Now is the perfect time to talk about a new color, something fresh and different. When in doubt Detox the hair first with O2 Oxgen Therapy to ensure more even, longer lasting color coverage. 

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hair Chemistry 101: 3 Tips for Preserving Fall Red Color

Tip #1: Avoid Salt & Sulfate Shampoos

Clients are always looking for color safe products but sadly many products that say they are color safe contain harsh salt and sulfates, two ingredients that strip color right out of the hair. When especially dealing with red color, always use a shampoo that is salt and sulfate (Sodium Lauryl) free. Try O2 Juá Extract Shampoo which uses the natural healing and cleansing properties of Brazilian Juá extract for a rich lather without salt, sulfates, or parabens. Get it Here. 

Tip #2: Protect You Hair From The Sun

UV rays from sunlight fades red pigment in your hair fast, even in the Fall and Winter months because the sun's UV rays are the same year-round. The best protection from fast fading red is a leave-in conditioner with UV protection. Using a leave-in like O2 Vita-Cell Thermal Protector will seal the color in your hair and protect it from fading. O2 Vita-Call Thermal Protector provides protection from UV rays and heat for 15 washes. Get it Here.

Tip #3: Protect Your Hair From Heat

While we're on the subject of thermal protection, heat styling actually causes chemical reactions in your hair that fades the color. Before blow-drying or heat styling your hair, always ALWAYS use a thermal protecting leave-in like the O2 Vita-Cell Thermal Protector which also provides UV protection for up to 15 shampoos.

Follow these 3 simple tips and you'll have vibrant, longer lasting red hair this fall!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Exciting Things Happening With Olez® O2!

We had such a success with our O2 treatment in 2013, that 2014 was all about developing a supporting line for our wonderful stylists and clients who were constantly asking for a shampoo and conditioner to take home. 

It's been several months of hard work, but we are proud to announce that the O2 treatment now has a family of home care products including a shampoo, conditioner and thermal protector. We are set to launch by 2015!  

So what does this awesome line look like?  Oh yes, see below:

The line includes:

O2 Juá Extract Shampoo, which works to remove daily buildup with the natural cleansing power of Juá in a luxurious sulfate, salt and paraben free lather. 

O2 Muti-Vitamin Conditioner, features a blend of nourishing vitamins such as A, B, C, D and K to repair damage and increase resiliency while strengthening the hair. 

O2 Vita-Cell Thermal Protector, is a rich elixir of fruit extracts and vitamins that protect the hair from heat styling & UV rays. The protector is also unique in that it lasts up to 15 shampoos. Now that's lasting protection! 

Stay tuned for an up coming launch date this Fall!!

Monday, June 30, 2014

RED HOT: Formula and How-To Plus Maintenance by MS

Amanda Billardello from Glitz Salon in Rochester, Michigan helped turn up the heat on her client's haircolor.  And a sleek cut and shiny finish highlights the fiery red Billardello created following the steps below.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Olez Advanced® Keratin Smoothing System- Real Customers, Real Results

We wanted to end the week with another great before and after review. Our Olez Advanced® Keratin Smoothing System is a professional keratin service that can only be found in participating salons. This keratin is becoming a favorite among our hair stylist community who are opting to find a keratin that is safe to use not only for their health, but also for their client's health. With our formaldehyde free keratin, a stylist can enjoy performing the service without harsh chemicals or toxic fumes. There is no sensory irritation to worry about. This week we had one of our lovely customers come in for her usual Olez Advanced® Keratin Smoothing Treatment. Let's take a look at the results!


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Our Favorite Hair Style Picks from the Vampire Diaries

Photo Credit: The Vampire Diaries
Rooted from our fascination with the Vampire Diaries, we decided to do a special blog post about the main female characters of the show and the hair styles we love. Plus we've included a few tips and tricks to achieve the looks!